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Inpatient Unit

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Medical/Surgical Unit
The goal of our inpatient unit is to provide excellent patient care and quality outcomes through evidence-based best practices. By managing your pain, keeping you comfortable, and informing you about what to expect during your stay at the hospital, we can help to improve your experience with recovery.

Our compassionate nurses are attentive to your needs and provide careful management of your post-operative levels of pain. We work hard to proactively care for you during your stay. This is why our hospital has the highest patient satisfaction scores in Arizona, and a          CMS 5-star rating. Our collaborative teamwork approach will provide you nursing care, physical therapy, pharmacy and lab services, all managed by our healthcare providers including Physicians, Physician Assistants, and a Hospitalist for management of your 24 hour care.

It is our goal that you and your family leave the hospital well-informed about your new medications and post-operative plan of care. This is why we take to time to discuss this plan with you at length prior to discharge and make sure your family is a part of this process. As necessary, we will help you make arrangements for any special equipment or at-home services that may be needed to ensure a safe and speedy recovery.

In addition to our Medical/Surgical unit our hospital can provide care in our Multi-Organizational Service Unit (MOSU). This unit allows our team to provide monitored care by specially trained nurses.